Angola inmates search for people in Louisiana Penitentiary

Angola inmates search for people in Louisiana Penitentiary

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In Angola, Louisiana, Louisiana State Penitentiary is the oldest and only prison that offers complete maximum security in the state. It is also known as Angola after the once African plantation. Accommodating over 6,300 males (adult’s most violent criminals) with the help of 1,800 staff provides for the custodial treatments of people who have violated the laws of the state. 50% of the inmates are sentenced to life imprisonment here. If one wants to conduct an angola inmates search, they can do so by calling the imprisoned person locator available for 24 hours.

Insight into this prison-

  • With correctional facilities, disciplinary and segregated segments, it brings stability and safety for the prison.
  • It provides educational and vocational programs for inmates who are motivated enough.
  • It conducts mental health programs for people struggling with mental disabilities and substance abuse.
  • Ideal and absolute health care is provided. Inmates are evaluated, and the befitting health care is given to all.
  • Rehabilitation efforts are made via innovative programs and techniques to not have trouble fitting in society afterward.
  • Parole and probation programs are there for people to help to avoid a relapse into the crime.
  • The connection to family and friends is valued. Visitors can come from Friday to Sunday between 6:00 am to 4:15 pm. The duration of the visit is 2 hours. Up to five visitors are allowed in one visit. The inmates are permitted to have ten approved visits, and each can visit twice per month.

This trusted facility’s main aim is to provide a productive environment while adhering to federal and state rules for the inmates so that once they are released, they can lead a productive life. This dungeon also holds out the tour for churches, schools, criminal justice authorities.